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INTRODUCTION: OUR IB ENGLISH TUITION: The IB English A is categorised into 3 Courses: Language and Literatures, English Literatures, Literature and performance, generally the first two courses are adopted by most schools as they are more associated with the curriculum of both per and post IB English. English Language B is prepared for non-fluent English students. The IB course is divided into HL and SL level of curriculum students who want to pursue English studies into University are supposed to take HL course.

ASSESSMENT: IB ENGLISH TUITION: The IB Course comprises presentational components that will be based on the study of literature (IOC and IOP). The literature can be drama, poetry or prose both the language and literature course consist 2 final exam papers and a paper containing of questions on studied test for language B, paper 1 mainly examines the students comprehension skills and paper 2 examines the students ability to follow written text type convention.

HOW TO SCORE 7 GRADES: Our assistance helps students by providing them methods to communicate complicated ideas in a very coherent and logical way. Among all areas of assessment, both internal (IOC, IOP) and external (Paper 1, Paper 2 written part), organising ideas explicitly is key to scoring higher grade.

IB NCR ACADEMY: GURGAON, DELHI AND GRATER NOIDA: IB NCR Academy is having IB English teachers with more than 10 Years of experience and well trained with IB criteria, our tutor help students to do critical thinking about IB English as an IB Language & Literature as the syllabus requires them to have skills of analysis and the ability to support the argument with significant and expressive writing.

We have set of best IB English experienced teacher with self-motivated and excellent problem solving and troubleshooting skills with the capability to systematize the needs of every student.

Our IB English classes’ quality: Class room group teaching (Dedicated teaching as it is always one to one) Home Tuitions – IB English Home Tuition facility is also available for those students who is not able to attend the class at our centre. Online Tuition – IB English Online tutoring facility can be availed by the student who cannot access our class room teaching and Home tutoring services.

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