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MYP Biology Home Tutors

MYP Individuals and Society’s encourages you to respect the World Around us and equip us with the necessary Skills to enquire into the factors that have an impact on individuals, Societies and environ mates, these include historical, contemporary, Geographical, Political, Social, economic, religious, and technological and Cultural fears. In the Middle years Programmer (MYP) each Subject has Key concept that are used as a framework for Knowledge. They are Powerful ideas that we explore through different topics to try to understand the World around us. In MYP individuals and Societies, there are four key concepts that we use as the basic for study.

These Key coneeptsaer:
• Time , Place and Spare
• Change
• Global interact
• System

In MYP, evaluation of student leaning is done through examinants their various required skills- thinking skills, social skills, communication Skills, self – management skill, Research spills. Our Academy IB NCR, have experienced and Professional instructor equipped with MYP INS criteria to provide lessons on Specific Course of INS


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