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IB NCR ACADEMY offers qualified and experienced IB MYP maths online tutors to students across the globe. The IB MYP mathematics curriculum is primarily focused on two variants - MYP standard maths and MYP extended maths. It covers topics such as numbers, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, and probability, with subtopics for each. The main objective of the course is to help students develop a curiosity and understanding towards the basic principles and nature of mathematics, so they can use their skills to solve real-world problems or pursue a higher mathematics course. Students are encouraged to provide critical thoughts and reflections on their work, as well as others.

To understand the use of basic concepts to solve real-life problems, students often require IB MYP maths tuition. The MYP extended mathematics has a few extra topics, and the depth of the topics is greater than that of standard mathematics. Each MYP subject requires 50 hours of tutoring. The MYP mathematics on-screen examination is based on four assessment criteria, known as criteria A, B, C, and D. Each criterion has a grading range of 1 to 8. Our IB MYP maths tutors train students to develop their problem-solving skills as per the defined criterion. Criterion A checks a student's basic conceptual understanding of various topics, while criterion B investigates patterns. Criterion C evaluates a student's mathematical language and representation, and criterion D is based on the application of theoretical knowledge of mathematics in real-life contexts. As per this criterion, students are supposed to develop problem-solving skills and strategies for various types of real-world problems and draw logical conclusions reflecting their results. Our team of online MYP maths tutors has developed revision notes and model papers for students. We encourage students to solve many worksheets for each topic to strengthen their question-solving skills.

The IB MYP mathematics on-screen examination consists of three tasks. Our IB MYP maths online tuition trains students to crack the paper pattern and complete the three tasks. The first task is called knowing and understanding, based on criteria A and C. The second task, investigating patterns, checks criteria B and C. The third task is the application of mathematics to solve real-life problems and is based on criteria C and D. Each task carries a maximum of 40 marks, with the total marks being 120. Our IB MYP maths online tutors conduct topic-wise e-assessments after the completion of every topic. We recommend students be familiar with a variety of questions based on all four criteria. We also provide IB MYP maths home tutors for our local students in Noida, Gurgaon, and Delhi.

MYP Tutors Online: Bringing the Strengths of MYP Maths to Students:

At MYP Tutors Online, we provide high-quality online tutoring services for MYP Maths. Our experienced MYP online tutors in Gurgaon, Delhi, and other locations are dedicated to helping students succeed in the MYP curriculum. With personalized support, interactive virtual classrooms, and flexible scheduling, students can excel in their MYP Maths tuition. Choose MYP Tutors Online for expert MYP Maths tuition. At MYP Tutors Online, we are a dedicated team of international school educators who are passionate about providing high-quality education to students. With our expertise in the MYP (Middle Years Programme), we aim to bring the strengths of MYP Maths to students through our online tutoring services. Our aim is to make MYP Maths accessible and enjoyable for students, helping them build a strong foundation in mathematics and develop critical thinking skills. By focusing on conceptual understanding, problem-solving, and mathematical reasoning, we empower students to excel in their MYP Maths tuition and beyond. Choose MYP Tutors Online for expert MYP Maths tuition in Gurgaon, Delhi, and other locations. Our dedicated tutors are ready to support your child's learning journey and help them achieve their academic goals.

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