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IB MYP Online Tutors

The IB’s MYP (Middle Year Programme) is a 5 year study course for students which help students to finish MYP course in eight subject areas and also projects and assignments. With the introduction of e-Assignment, we believe more schools will look to take on MYP as an ideal gateway to IB Diploma worldwide over 1400 schools offer the MYP which has grown at a fast rate across the world IB MYP is a mid course between PYP (Primary Years Programme) and IB Diploma. This helps students age between 11 and 16 as an ongoing part of an International Baccalaureate educator not all students are required to sit the e-Assessment. The personal project is the only compulsory is the part of the MYP although the exam themselves are assessed on a computer internet access is not required the MYP students are basically require to finish 8 e-Assessments which include online exam in Literature Language, Individuals and Societies, Science, Mathematics, Interdisciplinary Learning and e-Portfolios in Language Acquisition the personal projects.


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